Stacey Harris
Childcare Assistant
Lowell Campus

Hello My name is Stacey Harris, I am super excited to start this year at the Bridge Charter School in Lowell. As a happily divorced, half a century old mom of two~ mostly grown and flown young adults~I bring a wide range of experience to the childcare-preschool position. Both of my kids have enriched my growth as a parent and care provider –my daughter, Jessica, is in her second year at OSU has always dealt with medical challenges, my son Shane, just 18- is navigating life via the Autism Spectrum, he just passed his drivers permit, and is working to buy the ever important first car. I enjoy showing our kids how to learn, via play, laughter and respect for each other. Some of my favorite topics are positive, possibly wacky~ parenting, sewing, camping and laughter. Previous to this job, I have worked as a one on one caregiver for people, adults and children with life challenges- medical, emotional and physical. At the end of the day when I drive home to North Eugene, I feel simply blessed to be trusted with your amazing kids.

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