High School Program

Bridge Charter Academy High School ensures college and career readiness through an individualized, rigorous, and adaptive program and offers an accredited diploma.

Our high school students and their parents will have an initial meeting with a High School Learning Coordinator to collaborate on a personalized learning plan. The purpose of the plan is to establish goals and direction for the student as they begin to take ownership of their education. A Four Year Plan will be created for earning the 24 credits required for graduation and beyond.

For students seeking additional academic opportunities, we offer a Dual Enrollment options in partnership with local community colleges (Lane Community College in Eugene, and Central Oregon Community College in Bend). Through this program, students take classes at the local community college and earn dual credit that applies toward both the completion of the high school diploma and toward the college transcript. We have a Dual Credit Coordinator that works with the students to complete entrance exams, enroll in classes, academic supports, campus or online orientation, etc..

The student will come to campus once a week (family can select either Tuesday or Wednesday mornings). They will meet with their cohort from 9-10 AM for Academy Base Camp (career-related homeroom) and will register for any number of breakout sessions (such as Writing Workshop, Science Labs, Big Ideas in Social Studies, and more).

High School Program Requirements:

  • Academy Base Camp attendance
  • Review the Weekly Email (sent every Monday at 2pm)
  • 1:1 Zoom meeting with Educational Coach (EC) every week (30min)
  • Planned Course of Study (developed in partnership with the Subject Area Specialists)
  • Daily instruction based on Planned Course of Study
  • Turn Assignments in On Time According to Course Syllabi
  • Daily Attendance Check-ins
  • Personal Growth Project and Presentation (as part of Academy Base Camp)
  • State Testing (11th grade only)
  • Local Performance Assessment (LPA) & i-Ready Testing (3x a year until HS-level proficiency)