** 20/21 School Year Plan

New Enrollment Forms

Enrolled families school year forms MUST be completed in order to start the school year. Fill out and turn in forms for EACH of your students.

Return forms to lvondo@bridgecharter.com or at the Back to School Event.

+ ONE Household Income Survey and Title Programs Eligibility Form must be completed per HOUSEHOLD.
Household Income Survey and Program Eligibility.

Other BCA Forms

Non-Guardian Permissions
Independent Contractor Agreement
Blank Invoice
Reimbursement/Request Form (This one form has replaced the purchase pre-approval form and the reimbursement request PDF). This form is on our new parent portal. After you log in, you click on your student’s name and scroll down the page until you see the “Reimbursement Request” form where you will fill it out and submit. Please contact your parent Liaison if you have any questions.

Withdrawal Form

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