Does BCA host a Back to School Event?


For returning students and new families enrolling at Bridge Charter Academy, we host a “Back to School Event”. This is a great opportunity to: Meet your new Learning Coordinators Sign your new school year forms Pick up your curriculum and technology Look through our curriculum library

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What is the process for returning students?


An “Intent to Re-enroll” form is sent out in the weekly email typically in the spring of each year. In the form, parents have the opportunity to choose their top three cohort times for that following year. We do NOT guarantee that you will get your choice of cohort, as there are a lot of considerations that go into cohort planning (families with multiple age groups, when HS cohorts are offered, etc). However, knowing your preferences helps us to fill cohorts accordingly. In order to re-enroll with Bridge, families need to complete the appropriate paperwork.

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What does BCA do about Special Education (SPED) Referrals?


As a public charter school, Bridge Charter Academy is required to provide a free and appropriate public education to every student enrolled in our program. This means that if a student is falling behind academically or they have significant deficiencies in grade-level learning objectives, we are required to come up with a plan to help the student get back on track. While special education is an option through our parent district, it usually has a much greater benefit for the student that we try all the general education interventions before referring the student to the Special Education program. If you are seeking [...]

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