What is Summer LEAP?


“LEAP” is the Learning+Exploring+Advancing Program we offer as an option during summer for families that want to continue their child’s education during the break. This is a great opportunity to focus on learning gaps or simply to continue moving forward for all students, above, on or below grade level. Currently we use Math and Reading i-Ready instruction. Families that sign up get to keep one technology item (iPad or Chromebook). Students that complete the challenge of 10 lessons in Math and 10 lessons in Reading by July 31st are invited to an End of Summer field trip (location is determined and [...]

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What is a Planned Course of Study (PCS)?


At Bridge Charter Academy, our mission is to partner with parents to provide an education to their student that is rigorous, motivating, and adaptive. One way we create this partnership is through the Planned Course of Study. This is a year-long, academic plan that is written by our learning coordinators in collaboration with the parents. It is designed to be used as an agreement between the parent and Learning Coordinator regarding what subjects and curriculum will be taught at home to ensure academic progress.  PCS Guidelines A Planned Course of Study (PCS) must include the core-four subject areas, English, Math, Science [...]

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