What is BCA’s sick policy?


See our Parent Handbook for information about the guidelines we follow ("When to keep a sick child at home" and "When to send your child to school.")

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How does attendance work at BCA?


Bridge Charter Academy’s attendance for state records consists of two check-ins with the parent/student each week. Weekly check in #1 is the Monday Seesaw Post (Seesaw is a digital portfolio app). And Weekly check in #2 is your child’s required weekly cohort attendance.

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What happens during cohort?


Science Standards Social Studies Standards Next Steps for Instruction Writing/Reading Instruction Academic Vocabulary

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What is a “Cohort”?


A cohort is the 3 hour class time your child will spend with their Learning Coordinator and fellow classmates each week. Cohorts are grouped according to grade levels. Currently our cohorts are: Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade and High School (9th-12th grade). Cohorts have a cap of 12 students.  Typically cohorts are available Tu, W, Th mornings (9-12) and afternoons (1-4). Cohort is a required part of our program that help us follow the BCA model which is for parents, teachers, and students to collaborate to achieve each student's goals. Cohort also provides an opportunity for interaction, [...]

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