What is Summer LEAP?


“LEAP” is the Learning+Exploring+Advancing Program we offer as an option during summer for families that want to continue their child’s education during the break. This is a great opportunity to focus on learning gaps or simply to continue moving forward for all students, above, on or below grade level. Currently we use Math and Reading i-Ready instruction. Families that sign up get to keep one technology item (iPad or Chromebook). Students that complete the challenge of 10 lessons in Math and 10 lessons in Reading by July 31st are invited to an End of Summer field trip (location is determined and [...]

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What does BCA do about Special Education (SPED) Referrals?


As a public charter school, Bridge Charter Academy is required to provide a free and appropriate public education to every student enrolled in our program. This means that if a student is falling behind academically or they have significant deficiencies in grade-level learning objectives, we are required to come up with a plan to help the student get back on track. While special education is an option through our parent district, it usually has a much greater benefit for the student that we try all the general education interventions before referring the student to the Special Education program. If you are seeking [...]

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What are interventions?


Parent-Initiated: If a parent feels that their student is not making sufficient or typical progress toward their learning goals or have behavioral/emotional concerns, they may reach out to their Learning Coordinator to start the intervention process. BCA-Initiated: If a student is more than one grade level behind and they are not meeting their stretch goals, the Learning Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the parents to determine what steps they can take in order to ensure that the student is accessing their curriculum. 

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How often are conferences?


Our program is rooted in parents and Learning Coordinators effectively partnering together toward a common goal. This partnership can only be successful with effective communication. It is expected that parents and Learning coordinators meet:   Monthly for 15-20 min. to discuss changes to the Planned Course of Study (see PCS) and to work on monthly goals for your child. This meeting can be done by phone, email or in person. Quarterly for 30min.-1 hour to have a longer discussion on student progress. These meetings will be scheduled using Setmore according to LC’s office hours. End of Year Curriculum Conference for Returning Students: [...]

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Do you give progress reports and grades?


For our students’ progress reports, we use a combination of a progress report that is filled out by the Learning Coordinator on science and social studies topics that were covered in cohort or in an activity on Seesaw, as well as a printed pdf of their iReady progress report for math and language arts. BCA does not assign grades to K-8 students, giving families the opportunity to choose their own grading system at home. To ensure the students are on track, BCA monitors the students’ progress by assessing which grade-level learning objectives have been addressed as well as those that have [...]

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What does BCA do for assessments?


Our goal is to support our students to get them to their accredited high school diploma as well as career and college readiness. With the majority of student’s education being completed at home, iReady (an interactive online learning program) is one tool we use to give us a snapshot of data about academic progress for math and reading and to help keep each student on track. iReady provides assessments for progress reports while no grades are assigned. We know that the iReady assessment is not the final say on a student’s academic performance, but it does give us a chance to [...]

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