Does BCA have field trips?2020-07-27T07:22:49+00:00

BCA plans monthly field trips (exceptions include months with holidays/breaks) and usually scheduled for the last Friday of the month. BCA will provide sign up information, details, deadlines and cancellation process for the field trips at the beginning of the school year. Recent field trips have included OMSI, Wildlife Safari, Hoodoo Ski Area, and the End of the Year Lake Party. You may use allotment (only after a student’s core subjects have been planned) or personal funds to pay for the cost of the field trip. If using personal funds, payment is required before the date of the trip. 

Do you give progress reports and grades?2020-07-27T07:21:58+00:00

For our students’ progress reports, we use a combination of a progress report that is filled out by the Learning Coordinator on science and social studies topics that were covered in cohort or in an activity on Seesaw, as well as a printed pdf of their iReady progress report for math and language arts. BCA does not assign grades to K-8 students, giving families the opportunity to choose their own grading system at home. To ensure the students are on track, BCA monitors the students’ progress by assessing which grade-level learning objectives have been addressed as well as those that have been mastered. 

What are interventions?2020-07-27T07:22:54+00:00

Parent-Initiated: If a parent feels that their student is not making sufficient or typical progress toward their learning goals or have behavioral/emotional concerns, they may reach out to their Learning Coordinator to start the intervention process.

BCA-Initiated: If a student is more than one grade level behind and they are not meeting their stretch goals, the Learning Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the parents to determine what steps they can take in order to ensure that the student is accessing their curriculum. 

Is technology available?2020-07-27T07:23:24+00:00

Technology checked out through Bridge Charter Academy may only be used for educational purposes, and adhere to our technology policy.

Each family can choose to check out one iPad from BCA for free (2 if you have 4 or more students enrolled). Additional iPads are $5/month to rent and can be paid for with allotment.

High School students can check out a Laptop free of charge. If a family wants to check out a laptop or chromebook, it is first come/first serve, and the rental fees apply.

(see Parent Handbook for damage and lost fees)

What does BCA do for assessments?2020-07-27T07:21:52+00:00

Our goal is to support our students to get them to their accredited high school diploma as well as career and college readiness. With the majority of student’s education being completed at home, iReady (an interactive online learning program) is one tool we use to give us a snapshot of data about academic progress for math and reading and to help keep each student on track. iReady provides assessments for progress reports while no grades are assigned. We know that the iReady assessment is not the final say on a student’s academic performance, but it does give us a chance to start conversations with parents about a student’s progress. 

What is Summer LEAP?2020-07-27T06:18:07+00:00

“LEAP” is the Learning+Exploring+Advancing Program we offer as an option during summer for families that want to continue their child’s education during the break. This is a great opportunity to focus on learning gaps or simply to continue moving forward for all students, above, on or below grade level. Currently we use Math and Reading i-Ready instruction. Families that sign up get to keep one technology item (iPad or Chromebook). Students that complete the challenge of 10 lessons in Math and 10 lessons in Reading by July 31st are invited to an End of Summer field trip (location is determined and announced before summer break).

Does BCA host a Back to School Event?2020-07-27T06:17:32+00:00

For returning students and new families enrolling at Bridge Charter Academy, we host a “Back to School Event”. This is a great opportunity to:

  1. Meet your new Learning Coordinators
  2. Sign your new school year forms
  3. Pick up your curriculum and technology
  4. Look through our curriculum library
How often are conferences?2020-07-27T07:22:08+00:00

Our program is rooted in parents and Learning Coordinators effectively partnering together toward a common goal. This partnership can only be successful with effective communication. It is expected that parents and Learning coordinators meet:  

  1. Monthly for 15-20 min. to discuss changes to the Planned Course of Study (see PCS) and to work on monthly goals for your child. This meeting can be done by phone, email or in person.
  2. Quarterly for 30min.-1 hour to have a longer discussion on student progress. These meetings will be scheduled using Setmore according to LC’s office hours.
  3. End of Year Curriculum Conference for Returning Students: This conference is scheduled during the last week of school – a non-cohort week with your child’s LC to discuss plans for the next school year.
What is an “LC”?2020-07-27T07:21:11+00:00

An LC is a “Learning Coordinator”, another name for your child’s teacher.

What are the Weekly Emails?2020-07-27T07:23:38+00:00

The weekly email is sent out to all of our enrolled families every Monday at 2pm. We expect families to read the email and stay informed about important details, updates, sign-ups, deadlines, opportunities and reminders.

What is BCA’s sick policy?2020-07-27T07:23:33+00:00

See our Parent Handbook for information about the guidelines we follow (“When to keep a sick child at home” and “When to send your child to school.”)

What is the process for returning students?2020-07-27T06:17:39+00:00

An “Intent to Re-enroll” form is sent out in the weekly email typically in the spring of each year. In the form, parents have the opportunity to choose their top three cohort times for that following year. We do NOT guarantee that you will get your choice of cohort, as there are a lot of considerations that go into cohort planning (families with multiple age groups, when HS cohorts are offered, etc). However, knowing your preferences helps us to fill cohorts accordingly. In order to re-enroll with Bridge, families need to complete the appropriate paperwork.

What is a Planned Course of Study (PCS)?2020-07-27T07:21:46+00:00

At Bridge Charter Academy, our mission is to partner with parents to provide an education to their student that is rigorous, motivating, and adaptive. One way we create this partnership is through the Planned Course of Study. This is a year-long, academic plan that is written by our learning coordinators in collaboration with the parents. It is designed to be used as an agreement between the parent and Learning Coordinator regarding what subjects and curriculum will be taught at home to ensure academic progress. 

PCS Guidelines
A Planned Course of Study (PCS) must include the core-four subject areas, English, Math, Science and Social Studies and be a solid curriculum plan for each subject (see details below).

PCS Help
If you are struggling to find a good curriculum fit for your student, you can:

  • Talk to your LC for further guidance
  • Start with our “New to Homeschooling” handout/worksheet
  • View our Curriculum Guide which provides a brief overview and quick snapshot for each of our curriculums available in our library. 
  • Check out popular homeschool non-consumable textbooks, teacher editions and student texts in our BCA curriculum library for free.
What are “Parent Center Meetings”?2020-07-27T07:21:23+00:00

During cohort, parents have access to the BCA Parent Center. We encourage parents to join and provide feedback during the weekly parent center meeting. This will help improve the overall home-based learning experience as we all work together to make it the best it can be! After the meeting, parents use this time to “unplug” and relax, have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy adult conversation. 

What does BCA do about Special Education (SPED) Referrals?2020-07-27T07:23:07+00:00

As a public charter school, Bridge Charter Academy is required to provide a free and appropriate public education to every student enrolled in our program. This means that if a student is falling behind academically or they have significant deficiencies in grade-level learning objectives, we are required to come up with a plan to help the student get back on track. While special education is an option through our parent district, it usually has a much greater benefit for the student that we try all the general education interventions before referring the student to the Special Education program. If you are seeking a Special Education referral for your student, please speak to your learning coordinator about setting up a meeting with the Growth Team.

What are the details about allotment (instructional funds)?2020-07-27T07:22:23+00:00

Bridge Charter Academy students are allocated instructional funds for their academic and extracurricular activities. These funds can be used for an array of personalized learning options such as fine arts courses, music classes, tutoring, supplies, supplemental education materials, and much more. Bridge Charter Academy currently offers $800.00 per student.

Does BCA have a Library?2020-07-27T07:23:15+00:00

BCA purchases frequently requested/popular curriculum to store on campus in our curriculum library. Families can view these curriculum items if they need help deciding on a planned course of study. If you would like to see what curriculum we keep in our library, you can view our Curriculum User Guides (parent portal). These guides provide an overview about the curriculum, a snapshot, highlights, pricing and links for further research. There are also printed copies on campus.

Bridge Charter Academy is continually adding items to our on-campus library as an additional resource to our families to enhance your student’s learning. Each campus has a variety of items (young adult and non-fiction books, games (Zingo, Popcorn, States & Capitals Sequence, Wrap-Ups..) instruments, ipads, laptops and manipulatives for learning (Flashcards, microscopes, dice, weights, building blocks).


What happens during cohort?2020-07-27T07:21:29+00:00
  • Science Standards
  • Social Studies Standards
  • Next Steps for Instruction
  • Writing/Reading Instruction
  • Academic Vocabulary
Does BCA provide childcare for enrolled student’s siblings?2020-07-27T07:23:43+00:00

Childcare is provided by our qualified and caring childcare workers during cohort for younger, non- school aged siblings in a fun, learning atmosphere. We desire childcare to be a fun, safe, healthy place for both staff and children. We currently provide three rooms: the Baby Room (birth-toddler), the Toddler Room (toddler-preschool) and the Preschool Room. Please reference the childcare handbook for more details about schedules, procedures and policies. You must preregister to use the childcare.

How does attendance work at BCA?2020-07-27T07:21:35+00:00

Bridge Charter Academy’s attendance for state records consists of two check-ins with the parent/student each week. Weekly check in #1 is the Monday Seesaw Post (Seesaw is a digital portfolio app). And Weekly check in #2 is your child’s required weekly cohort attendance.

What is a “Cohort”?2020-07-28T05:02:14+00:00

A cohort is the 3 hour class time your child will spend with their Learning Coordinator and fellow classmates each week. Cohorts are grouped according to grade levels. Currently our cohorts are: Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade and High School (9th-12th grade). Cohorts have a cap of 12 students.  Typically cohorts are available Tu, W, Th mornings (9-12) and afternoons (1-4). Cohort is a required part of our program that help us follow the BCA model which is for parents, teachers, and students to collaborate to achieve each student’s goals. Cohort also provides an opportunity for interaction, encouragement and learning from a licensed and qualified learning coordinator (LC). 

Does BCA have extracurricular classes?2020-07-27T07:22:42+00:00

Students at BCA have the opportunity to participate in extracurriculars that pique their personal interests through lessons, enrichment classes, clubs, and other groups. Allotment can be used for extracurriculars only after you have a completed Planned Course of Study and regular attendance to cohort.

BCA On-Campus Extracurriculars
Lowell campus has extracurriculars on site during the week, usually on a separate day from cohort. Available classes change each year. Past classes have included woodshop, archery, pottery, choir 3D Printing, animation and art.

BCA Approved Vendors – Any company/person can fill out the forms to be a BCA Vendor.
An approved vendor is a person/company that has the option to invoice BCA directly for services but is not required to (you can still pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed if you prefer). This list is continually growing throughout the year. Please check in with the office for the most up to date list.

Third-Party Extracurriculars that aren’t currently on our approved vendors list
Payment initially comes out of your pocket, and you may seek reimbursement from BCA following the reimbursement steps.

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