Students at BCA have the opportunity to participate in extracurriculars that pique their personal interests through lessons, enrichment classes, clubs, and other groups. Allotment can be used for extracurriculars only after you have a completed Planned Course of Study and regular attendance to cohort.

BCA On-Campus Extracurriculars
Lowell campus has extracurriculars on site during the week, usually on a separate day from cohort. Available classes change each year. Past classes have included woodshop, archery, pottery, choir 3D Printing, animation and art.

BCA Approved Vendors – Any company/person can fill out the forms to be a BCA Vendor.
An approved vendor is a person/company that has the option to invoice BCA directly for services but is not required to (you can still pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed if you prefer). This list is continually growing throughout the year. Please check in with the office for the most up to date list.

Third-Party Extracurriculars that aren’t currently on our approved vendors list
Payment initially comes out of your pocket, and you may seek reimbursement from BCA following the reimbursement steps.