** 20/21 School Year Plan

*** Our 2020-2021 School Year Enrollment is now full.
Any new enrollment applications will be added to our waitlist.

Enrollment Process
  • Fill Out Enrollment Pack

  • BCA Staff reviews your information and will contact you to schedule a math and reading iReady Assessment

  • Your child will take the math and reading iReady Assessments

  • You will attend a curriculum meeting and create a planned course of study (reading, math, science and social studies) and create an order for your curriculum

  • BCA will have you sign any additional forms (master agreements, photo release, dental screenings, etc.)

  • BCA will give you an overview about; Share Folder, Reimbursements, Seesaw, Weekly Email, Parent Meeting

  • Welcome to BCA! You will start receiving the weekly email and your child is ready to attend cohort

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