Robin Dehnert
Bend Campus

Rob Dehnert was born long ago and far away. He started lurking around Oregon twenty years ago. His cunning plan was to absorb whatever it is about the state that nurtured the success of such diverse luminaries as Linus Pauling, James Beard, Ashton Eaton and Esperanza Spalding. This scheme for success by osmosis held much greater appeal to Rob than ambition, focus, effort, and discipline. Alas, venture capitalists with loose billions to invest in his nascent greatness and indispensability did not beat a path to his door.

It was time to get… a job. He pored over his university transcripts that documented a lengthy meandering through art history, economics, engineering and architecture, resulting in sundry degrees. Good fortune led him to the profession of land use planner where his crazy quilt education was an asset. The profession required him to work with interesting and creative people from a wide array of professions and backgrounds. Though it did not lead to his amassing a goodly fortune, it was interesting and mostly honest work.

And there came a time to move on.

Rob loves helping students discover the intrigue and beauty of mathematics and science. In his former career as a land use planner, his most important skill was communicating effectively with broadly diverse groups, explaining complex issues in ways appropriate to each audience. Applying these and other skills, working hard to solve problems and overcome obstacles in optimal ways, Rob Dehnert educates with insight, creativity, humility and humanity.

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