There are many reasons why parents are desiring more for their children than what traditional public schools can provide.

Our Mission:
“To maximize parental involvement for students through personalized learning that is rigorous, adaptive, and motivating to produce college and vocational readiness.”

Our Vision:
“To inspire a curiosity and love for wisdom that produces a life-long learner with purpose and direction in life.”

Why choose BCA? Common responses we hear from enrolling families:

“We want to play a more active role in our children’s learning.”
“I’m dissatisfied with the education and topics presented in the traditional public school systems.”
“We’re seeking more freedom and autonomy.”
“I have a child with special needs that isn’t flourishing in the public school system.”
“My child is advanced and not being challenged in traditional public schools.”

“Remote Learning”

Our school is designed to serve students that learn remotely. We’re excited to partner with you to make learning rigorous, fun and something that you and your children will look back on as an adventure well worth traveling.

Here are some next steps we recommend to start thinking about:

Choosing curriculum
Organizing your space
Making a schedule
Figuring out your teaching style
Determining the way your child learns best
Setting some realistic expectations

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of this figured out yet. We can discuss these topics in more detail during your enrollment meeting. You can also use our “New to Home Based Education: Detailed Next Steps” to start gathering ideas.


If you are new to remote learning, you might be feeling a bit nervous or overwhelmed. That is a completely normal feeling! The benefit of joining our tuition free, personalized learning charter school is having access to support and help every step of the way. You can do this! Bridge Charter Academy and our licensed learning coordinators will work with you to find the type of homeschooling that fits best for your family. Another benefit of being part of BCA is being able to reach out for additional support from an amazing group of parents in the parent center during your cohort time.

We look forward to supporting and empowering you to become a confident and competent teacher of your children!