BCA Requirements for 2021-2022 School Year:

  • Cohort attendance: 3hrs on campus (2 hours with LC & 1 hour focused on
    reading for K-2nd or 1 hour focused on writing 3-8th grade
  • i-Ready Next Steps (1 lesson every week, about 10-15 minutes in cohort with
    possibility to finish at home)
  •  i-Ready Testing (x3 a year)
  •  1:1 Zoom meeting with LC every other week (30min)
    • This can be with the parent or child or a combination as needed
  • Complete a Planned Course of Study (approved by parent/Learning

    • Grade level (any student not on grade level will need their Planned
      Course of Study approved by Learning Coordinator and Growth Team)
    • Yearly pacing guide (entered in 9-week increments)
  • Edmodo reading/writing check-in weekly (10-15 min, this will help prepare them
    for the 1 hour engaging, fun activity in class)
  • State testing (3rd-8th,11th Grade)

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