• Our Vision

  • “To inspire a love for learning that produces a life-long learner.”

    This is what we believe is success, to produce a student that loves learning which is demonstrated by their becoming a life-long learner. The emphasis of our program is to raise what has historically been called a “Philomath,” or lover of learning. It embraces the philosophy that a fundamental law of learning is, “the student must attend with interest” for true learning to take place. The primary focus is to tap into intrinsic motivators to help fuel the desire for learning.

    Our core values that contribute to this philosophy are: Leadership, Enthusiasm, Accomplishment, Responsibility, and Nurture. The values can be formed into the acrostic LEARN. Each of these core values has particular application to each contributor to our school including: parents, students, teachers, and administration. Our commitment is to inspire, promote, measure, and reward the implementation of these values.