• Our Leadership

  • John VonDoloski

    Executive Director


    John VonDoloski is a homeschool parent with eleven and soon to be twelve children. He and his wife Jessica are passionate homeschoolers. John has previous experience with charter schools as he was the Founder, Executive Director, and Chairman of the Board at Logos Charter School in Medford, OR. Logos is also a charter school for home based students that exploded to an enrollment of 900 students in its first three years of operation. John has a contagious love for learning that he desires to spread to his own children and students throughout Oregon.

  • Board of Directors
    Dan Glokle - President 
    Aaron Beldner - Vice President 
    Kellen Sherwood - Treasurer and Secretary 
    Amber Hansen
    Jasmine Brazill 
  • Kellen Sherwood

    Treasurer & Secretary


    Kellen believes that all students are sense-makers, and when their natural curiosities and thought processes are honored, their enjoyment of learning will flourish. She especially enjoys sharing the wonders and beauty of math and science, and has a special interest in working with at-risk and high-needs students. Currently, as Learning Catalyst Coordinator and Dual Credit Program Coordinator with BCA, Kellen partners with families to inspire and encourage high school students in their academic endeavors. Before becoming a teacher, Kellen worked as a Medical Assistant in Dermatology and Primary Care, in both California and Oregon. Kellen holds an MAT from George Fox University, and attended University of California - Irvine where she earned a BS in Biological Sciences and a BA in Philosophy.

  • Amber Hansen


    Amber Hansen joined the Bridge Charter Academy in 2017. She was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon. She is married to her husband Jasen, and they have two boys that are six and eight. She enjoys volunteering at her boys' school and traveling with family and friends. Amber holds a Bachelor of Science and Master Degree in Education both from the University of Oregon. She also completed the Administration Licensure program at the University of Oregon in 2009. Amber has worked in the Lowell School District for thirteen years, and she currently serves as the Director of Student Supports and Special Education. She is passionate about education and advocating for the highest level of achievement for all students. She looks forward to serving on the board to help provide an excellent educational program to students attending Bridge Charter Academy.

  • Jasmine Brazil


    Jasmine Brazill strives to be a thoughtful, active, and  cooperative member of the Board of Directors. She is a passionate advocate for individualized learning. She enjoys designing curriculum, teaching pottery, and eclectically schooling her two awesome children who help her stay focused on all the things that are really important in life.