• K-5 Program

  • Our elementary students and their parents will have an initial meeting with their teacher to collaborate on a personalized learning plan for their student. This plan will take into consideration the specific interests, learning style, and academic goals of the student while making curricular and extra-curricular choices. During this meeting, the student will also choose a meeting time to come to the campus and meet with a learning cohort of up to twelve students. These cohorts will be divided into three groups according to grade: K-2, and 3-5 (Bend Campus) and K,1-2, and 3-5 (Lowell Campus).  The purpose of this cohort is to be a learning group that encourages the student, fuels a love for learning, and gives access to a teacher to help answer questions and inspire progress on their learning plan.

    This three hour meeting time will be the same each week and will either be an AM (9am - 12pm) or PM (1-4 pm) cohort. During this cohort meeting, the entire focus is to inspire a love for learning. Students will go through a number of learning stations for approximately 15 minutes at a time. Examples of these stations are a writing station, a STEM activity, guided reading, geography, etc.

    One station of this cycle is a share time when students bring a sample of their work to share with the other students. This also allows opportunity for their teacher to provide encouragement. Students are also encouraged to bring work they need help with and allows them to get questions answered to ensure the student is enjoying learning and does not lose momentum. This time enables the teacher to meet any individual and specific learning needs the student has. If the student has needs that extend beyond the time allotted, they will have access to schedule to meet with their teacher during the teacher’s office hours.

    Everything that is included in their cohort meeting is designed to inspire a love for learning. Our desire is that this is the highlight of the student’s week and that they are waiting in the car for their parents with eager anticipation. During this cohort time, parents will have access to our Parent Center for relaxation and encouragement in the home based learning process. Childcare will also be provided during their cohort meeting for younger siblings so that parents can truly “unplug,” enjoy a coffee, and relax. Our desire is for parents to see this time as a highlight of their week as well!