• 5 HomeSchool Tips to Keep Your Kids Focused

    February 23, 2017 | Beth Ball
  • When it comes to homeschooling our kids- the biggest problem can be distractions. Here at Bridge Charter Academy, we’ve been discussing distractions and how to combat them.  While it seems like a futile task, especially when there are younger siblings and windows to distract us, learning to avoid them altogether is an important tool in the homeschoolers day. So, without further ado here are the top five ways you, and other BCA families stay focused!


    1. Don’t follow the light

    Ok- so we don’t mean sit in a dark room, but do sit not facing a window.  We have one parent at BCA whose son literally gets distracted by a squirrel he’s named. While we want our children in touch with the outdoors and having a pet squirrel is pretty great, facing desks away from windows can help the kids stay focused. The trick with this one is to make sure it’s not facing a tV, toys, or even a wall with texture.  Amiright?!


    1. Can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

    One tactic is in staying focused when it’s school time is to actually just get the most common distractions out of the way first.  If your student gets distracted by outside, let them run around outside first for a set amount of time- and get that energy out.  If it’s reading, give them 20 minutes of free reading time.  If the distraction is a sibling, give them time to play first.  It’s amazing what being proactive can do for your day!  That way, when the distractions hit you can remind your student they had their special time with (enter distraction here) and redirect them back to their work!


    1.  Incentive

    Another BCA parent recently put a picture on her Facebook of her daughter doing math.  Her daughter was struggling with getting the work done, so they put a piece of candy (one M&M for example) on each math problem!  We thought this was a great way to keep those kids focused.  After each finished problem, they get a candy!  Isn’t that just an great idea?  And by all means, it doesn’t have to be candy, if your kids like veggies (but please let us study them) use those.  Or you can have them earn a special bigger treat at the end.  


    1. Shake it Out- Tamara Style

    Tamara, another BCA Mom does what she calls, “shake it out.”  She has 4 kids at home and homeschools 2 of them.  Math tends to be the biggest struggle, so at times she just tells everyone to literally shake it out!  They’ll do a little dance and get back to it!  So- next time your kids hit the wall, or just can’t stay focused- shake it out!


    1.  Change the scenery

    Sometimes the same old same old can just get mundane.  So if it’s a nice day out- grab a blanket and do school outside.  While this might not take away distractions, it will help them be more fun!  Fresh air and changing the view can perk up any mood and a lot of times, you get distracted in the best ways and learn about something new and unplanned.  Homeschool for the win!


    So- what do you guys do to help with distractions?  Share in the comments!